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We are passionate about delivering tailor-made solutions for whistleblowing dilemmas. We work tirelessly to provide a professional service to both organisations and the individuals who are at their core. Our extensive experience and unique approach enables us to provide both technical and personal solutions for organisations who support those who wish to report their misgivings and for those required to assess their information. Our philosophy – ‘Integrity Without Compromise’ – is based on trust and is at the heart of everything we do.

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Our Services

Our Services


We provide a comprehensive analysis of the issue with practical advice to bring about a resolution.


We provide an expert debriefing service which can be done both in person and via a mobile device.

Confidential Hotlines

We provide bespoke and virtually instantaneous confidential hotlines which can be matched to your exact requirements.

The Difference

As an independent third-party we empower both individuals and organisations to discover the truth. Based on experience, we truly understand the needs of those who report wrongdoing and provide the highest quality reporting to those assessing their information. Building trust and protecting the security and reputation of every party involved is paramount to us – we take the utmost care in all that we do. Your reputation is our reputation.


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Our Resolve

iTrust Assurance Ltd was formed to allow the voices of those with knowledge of wrongdoing to be heard in a safe and non-judgemental environment and to inform organisations in a supportive manner. This is based on many years of experience that includes dealing with the most sensitive types of intelligence.

In an era of so-called ‘fake-news’, whistleblowing is becoming more commonplace as people seek the truth. It is therefore crucial that whistleblowers are protected and that the recipients of information can assess it accurately and without prejudice.

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